heuchera sweet tart
heuchera sweet tart flowers
A long season of small pink flowers.

Heuchera 'Sweet Tart'

Heuchera 'Sweet Tart' has bright lime green leaves and is both vigorous and compact. They will grow well in our UK climate and are equally at home in a shady spot, in a pot or even indoors as a houseplant.

These are one of the new longer flowering breeds producing pink flowers on short stems. As the flowers are numerous yet small having contrasting coloured flowers to the leaves make them stand out more. The cerise to almost pink white flowers stand out well against the almost neon green foliage and will last from spring until autumn.

Heuchera generally prefer shade to semi-shade areas and being on the drier side. 'Sweet Tart' from the 'Little Cutie' series is one of the smaller more compact Heuchera's that were new for 2013.

If you are new to these plants then you need to know that they provide fantastic year round colour with many varieties changing colour with the season. They do flower but they are more famous for their foliage.

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