The Evergreen Plants Online Resource

There are four season in Britain but most of us only have plants in leaf or flower half of the year. Why not create a year round evergreen garden with plants that will perform all the time and look out onto a green and lush garden even in the middle of winter.

Here at Plant Post you can find plants, shrubs, trees and flowers that will not only survive spring, summer, autumn and winter but also last for many years. You will find many evergreen perennials that can be used to create a diverse and interesting garden and choose from plants that flower at different times of the year including winter.

What gardening can do for you

•  Support wildlife including Bees and Butterflies
•  Create a garden that has colour all year
•  Low maintenance planting to encourage the non-gardener
•  Where to buy plants online including hard to find and special deals
•  Support smaller British nurseries
•  Planting to reduce pollutants entering your home

mahonia yellow winter flower
Mahonia produces visually stunning bracts of yellow winter flowers.

Easy colourful evergreen gardens for wildlife with less effort

Gardens are getting smaller, front gardens are being turned into parking space and many people just don't want to maintain a garden. Artificial lawns, plastic flowers and concrete are now more likely to be found in the family garden than a real plant.

We want to encourage you to grow more plants by showing you how choosing evergreen plants and shrubs can make it easier to create a garden that will last for years.

Less annuals, herbaceous and deciduous planting means less maintenance. You can have a colourful garden with foliage and flowers year round and provide nectar for Bees and Butterflies and an environment that supports invertebrates.

pileostegia viburnoides flowering
Pileostegia viburnoides (Climbing Hydrangea) growing in shade. This evergreen is H5 hardy (-15°C) and flowers in Summer.

A resource for garden enthusiasts

As well as encourage more gardening you will find many hardy evergreens and the more unusual, rare and exotic. Plant Post talks almost exclusively about vegetation that stays green all year round in our British climate.

Supporting British nurseries and garden centres

Across the UK there are thousands of small and often family run nurseries offering rare and hard to find plants that are not available from the large chain stores. If they disappear the diversity of species available in the UK will diminish and every high street garden centre will just stock the same varieties.

Support the little guy and buy your plants from them, you can find them listed in our Plant Search Engine. You will also find interviews with nurserymen (and women) and keen gardeners whose gardens are less than ordinary.