About PlantPost.co.uk

tropical winterproof hardy evergreen jungle

So you've got an interest in plants? That's great because I have a passion for plants like you which is why I set up PlantPost.co.uk a website dedicated to growing evergreens to provide year.

You will notice from browsing through the site that most of the plants talked about are tropical looking, exotic, unusual or ones that you can only get from other dedicated plant lovers like yourself.

Unfortunately these days if you visit a high street or chain garden retailer they don't seem to share the same lust for plants as we do which is why it is essential to support the smaller growers either online or in person who keep many of the more exotic varieties in existence.

Why Evergreens?

I wanted to see if it was possible to have a lush green garden all year round that not only survived but thrived in our British climate. You can by the way, growing plants that tolerate sub zero temperatures.

I also wanted to encourage non gardeners by showing them they didn't have to gravel or pave over their gardens to achieve a low maintenance outdoor space.

Contacting Me

If there is anything you want to discuss you can email me allan@plantpost.co.uk

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