Bamboo is popular as it can provide fast growing evergreen screening. Be careful however to choose a clump forming variety such as Fargesia to prevent it taking over your garden.

Not another website about gardening ;)

The British have a history of gardening and it could be argued that it was at its peak during the eighteenth century where the introduction and growing of many exotic species really took off. The twentieth century saw gardening being taken up more widely and no longer seen as a hobby of rich eccentrics, poor eccentrics can now join in too :)

Fast forward to today and new species are being developed that are more hardy, produce better flowers and are generally more adapted to our climate. With tropical and unusual looking plants you can create a garden that is low maintenance or if you prefer something more hands on can create a spectacular garden with year round interest.

Plant Post provides informative and motivating information about the more exotic, Mediterranean and tropical style of gardening into the UK. It's focus is on plants that provide year round interest such as evergreens or that are a must have due to their spectacular seasonal performance.

It's not just all about the plants themselves as there is a lot of exciting projects people are working on that will help you improve your garden. Ideas that will help you grow better plants with less of the drudge work and fewer chemicals.

Everyone likes a bargains and everyone likes to see new varieties. We'll let you know about new plants that have been developed and if we spot any bargains we will let you know about them.

Gardening burns
200-400 calories
per hour

Gardening's great exercise

As well as being fun gardening can burn between 200 and 400 calories an hour. It's a great way to stay trim as 3 to 6 hours in the garden can mean that your body burns through as much as half your daily calorie intake.